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ZJ's Enterprises Corporation's customers enjoy the advantage of high end construction technology. Toney Ricketts, the President of ZJ's Enterprises Corporation has been in the construction industry for the past 20 years. As an accountant he developed a keen passion for creativity in architecture, which led him to pursue a course in construction. His first major project was to construct 500 2 & 3 bedroom units in a new housing development. Because of the attention to details, the regard for time – which in construction is highly valued – and the insistence on quality workmanship, before the project was completed he was awarded another contract for an additional 100 2 & 3 bedroom units in another development in the Caribbean. Mr. Ricketts has never relaxed those high standards. He understands the importance of reducing cost while maintaining quality control. As such, he extends those standards to the varying facets of construction that he covers, mostly in the area of residential and commercial construction. High quality residential and commercial construction, including but not limited: Primary Commercial Construction contracting or any sub-contracting jobs New commercial construction Commercial renovation Framing Sheet rock/GWB Commercial Flooring and concrete Paving (add ZJSPavers.com) Commercial engineering facades Commercial Façade Building Structural design and engineering Top Project engineers – commercial o Top Project Managers and QC info@zjsenterprises.com
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