Woodcraft Flooring
Business Sector
Woodcraft Flooring was born in the UK in 2005. A family business, it is headed today by father and son Mursel and Granit, but the company’s history can be traced back to another family-owned business that began in Kosovo, 1964.   We at Woodcraft Flooring believe in supplying bespoke wood flooring, hand custom finished wood floors of the highest quality to designers and specifiers for commercial, retail and residential properties.    Our manufacturing team work to the highest standards to ensure that all our customers are supplied with the very best products. We ensure that all our wood comes from managed forests, is FSC certified, and is finished with environmentally friendly oils and lacquers.    Woodcraft Flooring has retained it’s name through the quality of the products and the services offered to customers. Expertise and knowledge has been passed down through generations of working with wood.   All our wood is hand custom made each board is oiled by hand this adds to the natural effect of the wood. Our products and services are second to none, our after sale services is also second to none as we provide a 3 year free maintenance of your floor.   Website Link: http://www.woodcraftflooring.co.uk/   Contact number: 0208 616 0575   Email: sales@woodcraftflooring.co.uk