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DoraniX specializes in direct to product printing, specifically on cut sheets, pouches, cards, bags, etc. DoraniX has most recently developed the ThermaPrint 64 to fill the void in singles thermal transfer printing. Additionally, DoraniX offers a line of integrated label applicator systems to accommodate an even wider range of products including cartons, coffee bags, etc.                     PRODUCTS:  blister card printing package printer blister card printer label applicator industrial printers package printing Medical Printers Apparel Hang Tag Printers Tyvek Printers   medical printers label applicator tyvek printers package printers blister card printers industrial printers apparel hang tag printers    Doranix 25188 Genesee Trail Rd.  Unit #50 Golden, CO 80401 USA Contact: Leo Tomajko 303-271-0986 leo@doranix.com http://www.doranix.com