Peelham Farm
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The farm business partnership of Cayley Walton Partners has evolved and adapted to change since its original formation in 1990 between Chris and Denise Walton  and Amanda Cayley.   Angus Walton, Denise and Chris’s son joined the farm as farm manager in 2015 and became a business partner in late 2016 (Christmas Eve to be precise to the clink of delighted glasses of bubbly !).  Chris, Denise and Angus  are the Managing Partners of Finance, Food and Farming respectively. Amanda though still very active is retired (or at least that was the will never catch Amanda 'sitting-back' other than during Cheltenham Racing Week or Wimbledon) !!.  To add greatly to the 'family force' Angus’ wife Helen Walton joined us as Sales Manager in the summer of 2016 from Sales Manager with David Lloyd and a background in personal training .... keeping us all limbered-up and on our toes !     Food Supplier, Organic Meat Online Address: Foulden, Berwickshire, Scotland, TD15 1UG
Denise Walton
01890 781 328
denise [at] peelham [dot] co [dot] uk
Peelham Farm
Berwickshire, Scotland TD15 1UG
United Kingdom
Phone: 01890 781 328
United Kingdom