Langtang Trek
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The lovely valley of Langtang, known as "The Valley of Glaciers", lies just 19 miles north of Kathmandu, gushing inside itself wild and rough landscapes decorated with cerulean and cyan ice sheets and lofty snow-clad mountains. Lying on the chest of tall emerald slopes with the setting of Mount Langtang, Langtang Valley Trek is a great visit bundle that incorporates charming goals all through the valley, predictable streaming of affable waterways and vivacious streams from the mountains, gigantic tough rocks and steep stones, brilliant knolls beautified like a Monet painting with white daisies, purple foxgloves, blossoming yellow snapdragons and dazzling efflorescent rhododendrons in pastels of splendid pink, white and ruby red. Langtang Valley likewise has its geology complimented with verdant jade-like prairies and chartreuse fields for yaks and stallions. Favored with a completely amazing scene, the valley is likewise a home to different uncommon types of flying creatures and creatures. Among all, the Red Panda is an exceptional creature discovered just in this locale of the nation.